Hair clips "Free choice" single/10s/50s and more

Haarspangen Mix

Mix and match as much as you like!!!
You are welcome to mix up the sizes. The programme can calculate all barrettes of this category with each other! e.g. 15 small bows of different colours and a few big diamonds in addition, maybe also a few small bones to give away...together 50 pieces...already you have the favourable price for all of them!!! Is that a deal?
Any questions - email us!

Auer hair clip rhombus small single
Auer hair clip rhombus small single
Sliding scale prices:
1-9 units per 1,00 EUR
10-49 units per 0,80 EUR
50-99 units per 0,70 EUR
100-499 units per 0,65 EUR
> 499 units per 0,60 EUR
1,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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